Sidebar in your job site can include both images and videos. This is helpful for things like branding images, company videos, and showcasing any other of your branding that words just can’t convey.

In this article, you’ll see how to embed and upload/add externally-hosted images into jobsite sidebar.
NOTE: You will need to be on blue belt or above plan to utilize these features.

Embedding Images

There are a few different ways to include images into job site sidebar. Log into your HireRabbit account and navigate to Customize > Facebook Job Site.  Click on the image icon present at the image editor:


This will bring up the image editor.  From here you have options: upload an image to HireRabbit, embed an image hosted on another server, or browse through images you have already uploaded to your HireRabbit library.

a) Uploading 

If you’d like your image to be hosted on HireRabbit, you can upload it. From the image editor, click Upload. Choose the file you’d like to upload then click Send it to the Server.


b) External Images

If you have images hosted on another server–whether it’s a server of your own, or a photo hosting service such as Flickr, Photobucket, etc.–click on Image Info in the image editor.

Just paste the link of the image into the address bar. You’ll see a preview of the image, and have the option to change the dimensions of the image:


c.) Image Info/Your HireRabbit Library

If you’ve previously uploaded images to HireRabbit and you’d like to include one, click on Image Info and then Browse Server.


This will pull up a window with all of the images residing on the server. Select one.

d.) Image Info

Regardless of which method you choose above, once your image has been input, uploaded, or selected, clicking on the Image Info section will allow you to customize portions of the image such as dimensions, alignment, and more.

Note: for more advanced options, click on the Advanced section. 

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